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Well, this's my first time posting in this forum.
Since this section its pretty dead in these days ... I though that someone was still looking for a english speaking circle.
We are a koreans so we understand all the new events, and new contents.
We can share some information with the circle if you ask us in the cirle chat since i'm too lazy to share it to this site... maybe i will create my own circle blog or something in the future.

If you want to join us.
Just whisp me  at 04:00am~12:00pm (KR TIME)
My Ign : 코코요구르팅 or HighManiac (my brother)
Or just post your IGN here and your play time so i can whisp you ingame.
Hello have you a level requirment for joining your circle ?
Hello there Lytshy. 
No, everyone's welcome. 
We can even help you doing some quests if you mostly play solo. 
Like job changes quests or some V.Hard quests.
And we run together the daily dungs .
We are still recruiting guys.
We are growing more and more. 
Dont be outside, join now.
Hi new to the game mostly (only level 20) friend helped me get started in game. 

my IGN is Chairo and i will be on during your time, thank you.

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