Advanced and Expert skills?
How do I get Advanced and Expert skills? I got some for one skill in the beginning for a quest and afterwards I did an emergency quest and got a few master skills as pick ups for a different class so I rushed to the auction house thinking I could just buy them and ended up buying all master skills b4 realizing I couldn't use them and the Advance and Expert weren't in the shop >.<. Do you get them from story quest or something? or am I just unlucky and poor now?
Go to this woman (she's in every town):
[Image: mOB0jSH.jpg]

press A:
[Image: UQKsl3g.jpg]

Check the second box for the skill cubes your character can use.
[Image: SXhaeY3.jpg]

The skills should be there.
If it isn't, search for it by checking the first box.

All Advanced and Expert skill cubes can be bought from this NPC.

You need to used Advanced Skill Cube before you can use Expert, and Expert before Master.

Hope I helped. Smile
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Thanks Alot! Whenever I saw that npc I saw a shirt Icon and assumed It was some type of cloths shop lol
Solved, Locking thread.
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