Agent Sumeragi Reporting For Duty.
Helo Everyone. I'd like to Introduce myself in this forums since i decided to play Closers (and actually because i cannot handle things alone in some games T_T)

Anyway. Just as you see my Forum Name is MatsuriSumeragi(Matsuri=Festival and Sumeragi=Emperor)

I had set my Eyes in Closers for a while (specially that i am a Elsword Online player and a former gramd chase and maplestory player) so i decided to play it starting this february(Luckily i had created my nexon account 3 years ago and have plug-in). so i started searching for any community that can help me for playing this know...builds,skills,guilds and such.

I main Seha and sub-main Sellubi(both lvl.5) and thinking of Misteltein as my 3rd sub char.

so After all.....pleased to meet you and i hope to make friends with you guys.

Seha IGN:KuroSumeragi
Sellubi IGN:HimeSumeragi.
Welcome, buddy! We're a small but pretty nice/warm community! Smile
[Image: l1joBd2.png]
Kaideh 45Kudaranai 43Mitsumi 43 — Alejandro 30  — Harisu 20
ID: Kaideh
Welcome, Agent!

So, you play Seulbi? How do you feel about public-*crushed by bus*
[Image: Baron.gif]
i'm just passing by
[Image: EKC0C2M.gif]
[Image: Aiip38z.png]
Welcome~ Enjoy your stay don't be afraid to ask questions ~
[Image: Haruhi_think.gif]

Hmm...Maybe...if I draw your future more successful..

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