Am I the only one a little disappointed by OA?
I currently have an OA Yuri and couldn't wait to use her skills once I finally finished the the goddamn quest (Never again cube, never again). Though once I actually used her skills, I was let down.

All of her OA skills had exorbitant mana costs and freakishly long cooldowns. I'm Yuri, the fastest character in the game. Why the hell do I have to wait 23 seconds just to use Zone Control again? Why would I spend 200 mana on Blitz and limit myself even further? I tried to incorporate her OA skills as much as I can to make my gameplay as fun as possible, but I always had to chug pots and ended up forcing myself to just try and maximize her OA skills. I'm not going to even bother mentioning her 800 mana, 90 CD ultimate, which deals piss poor damage compared to my Yuri Star and Yuri special because of its low level.

Eventually I just stopped trying and simply settled back to using her maxed out base skills.
Sure, my impression of the skills will probably change once I level them over time and get them skill cubes, but really, the game is already grindy enough. I beated 40 cube runs, why do I have to painstakingly level even more at my current just to make these OA skills I earned to be even viable? It's not even for Yuri. It's the same for Seha and Seulbi. For example, Railgun, OA Seulbi's supposed DPS skill, costs as much mana as her Bus bombing ultimate.
I really wish Naddic would've just made OA skills more accessible since right now these enormous costs kills my motivation to even try to get OAs for other characters.
I'm expecting tweaks down the line once people notice how negatively imbalanced the skills are.

Though for the most part, I'm too busy having fun to really notice. Shame OA Yuri's seems to be the crappiest at the moment, since I have to go get her OA next.
I'm loving Seulbi's OA skills. And I don't even have problems with MP since she gets so much back from ZZZ<>. Astaroth hitting me up with the MP burn DoT is the only time I've had to really use potions on her. Even he leaves himself open to enough ZZZ<> for me to get back MP.

Are you leveling up Normal Attack Training and comboing enemies?
His issue's with Yuri's OA skills though.

Actually, I want to know. How are the damage values of Yuri's OA skills? I figure it might mean that some of them might do insane damage. I mean, take OA Seulbi's Railgun. Insanely high mana cost, but each shot does thousands of magic damage and pierces through enemies. Heck, three shots alone shaves off one whole lifebar of an elite mob.
I hate the high MP cost too, but like you said, I'm sure the reason we dislike OA so much is because we cannot get higher level versions of the skills. (Also because we do not have aerial access yet zzzz)
The damage increase on OA skills per level seems to be much higher than Trainee/Intern skills, so I'm sure OA skills will become several times more viable once we get a level cap raise.

...Especially Zone Control...did you see that Master Rank Zone Control?
Like, wow

I personally think OA skills are there solely to support certain playstyles...
So if you do not play a certain way, these skills will be extremely useless and boring to you.

For example, Sky Strike would help DPS-crazy Seha.
Flame Pulverization would help DoT-lazy Seha.
Point Blank Strike would help Seha who have trouble gathering mobs, gather-crazy Seha....or damage-ignore-crazy Seha
Blitz would help mob nuking Yuri, or Yuri who have trouble with mob gathering.
Zone Control and Suppressing Fire would help professional runner Yuri.
Suppressing Fire would also help professional tank Yuri.

Something like Flame Pulverization would be useless to anyone who does not care for DoT, and something like Blitz and Point Blank Strike would be useless to anyone who already has good mob management.

Well, at the very least, naddic thought this through...
It may be boring, but classes are broken as f*** in a certain game with a red haired boy now. :U

Also, Blitz is good for mob rape gathering, y u no lyk :c
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