An Actual PvP Mode - Will it work?

As fun as Closers is, it just feels incomplete without any actual PvP (Not counting AoS). Right now it feels more like a single-player game rather than an online MMO.
When will 1v1s or 2v2s be out? Or the bigger question, will Naddic even make a PvP mode?

As much as I don't want to admit it, the more I think about it, the more I can't imagine Closers having a balanced PvP mode without significantly changing its gameplay.
Games will probably boil down to which character can spam more ranged skills to catch with, which is the biggest problem I see with a potential PvP mode. A J or Seha can't do much against a Yuri spamming bullets everywhere that knock you up/stun you, or a Seulbi with her zone control and homing attacks.

I'm more worried about J.

Once he gets you, and he will eventually, that's gg.
I like the game because it has no traditional PvP. Never was into the PvP aspect of the game anyway, and even then, my 3rd world internet would ruin the match and make others complain about foreigners intruding in their exclusive game.
With OA Yuri, you don't even have to get close to people. Just cast Gun&Blade where you stand and then extend it, you'll automatically jump towards the enemy. Do it far away enough in the map, they won't even hear you cast it.

So, either they will do what they did with Elsword about PvP or don't do it at all. I would like it if they really didn't do it at all. This game, just like Elsword is not cut for direct PvP.
Attack for the hit, fight for the win.

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No. Closers with that kind of PvP is like Elsword 2.0 all over again or worse than it imo. The AoS one is already good. Even other charas in the AoS is already OP. What more if they gone to traditional PvP mode. I would really be glad if they don't put that traditional PvP here.
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(01-16-2015, 12:11 AM)Yaoi Wrote: Yuri spamming bullets everywhere that knock you up/stun you, or a Seulbi with her zone control and homing attacks.

Meanwhile J grabs you from out of nowhere, breaks your armor, and rapes you. (Jade Magenetism 3 0p 5 dis)

Also, Seulbi doesn't have homing. o_0
You're probably referring to bits, right? You gotta hit foe with ZZZZ/Discipline/Fire Storm for that to doesn't really count as homing, just good range :p
...admittedly, bits are disgustingly broken...hardtomanagethough
Seha does, but you have to hit something initially to even do so.

Anyways, I'm against this. Even if it were balanced like AoS, I would still be against it. This isn't the type of game where 1v1 or 2v2 would be fun, it would just be a mess (J would already be broken in this, most Seo would probably hit and run, Seulbi can just spam DoT and win the  game without even hitting you directly, Seha would suck you and then suck you some more Wink) and completely unfair. (Like a certain game with a red haired boy...)

AoS is close enough anyways, imo. Top lane is most likely going to result in 1v1, mid lane most likely 2v2, bot lane most likely 1v1, just with some extra monster intrusion to make things more interesting.
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No one likes the pay to win pvp right?
Well,except those who actually feed nexon money.
I guess AoS AND a gear-matter pvp mode should exist,both of them,with same reward/difficulty.
If PvP works on DFO,why not on Closers? I mean,Closers is like a 3D-DFO.
IMO, AoS is not enough, because we are locked to preset skills and skill cubes per level. AND I WANT TO MAKE MY FANCY COMBOS.

I want a PvP where much like AoS the only thing that comes from your PvE character is you visual PLUS your skill bar. Thats all... Sad
I wonder if they designed Closers to have PVP in mind anyway.
Currently the problem is homing skills and ranged attacks. Maybe they can tweak it so that it range damage is reduced to 50% or something? And homing teleport skill only works if you are at the same linear space and add a limit on teleporting range.

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