An Actual PvP Mode - Will it work?
AoS is fine but at least release more damn maps
Seeing how getting caught is practically a death sentence in AoS (Especially with the long Forced Cancel cooldown.) I'd say this game is not designed around PVP at all, and most likely why PVP is a team based MOBA deal instead of traditional.

Not that this is a bad thing. Most of the best non-MMOs are single player games, Vindictus/Mabinogi Heroes does well despite being in a similar PVP situation, etc.
It would work they would just have to heavily tweak skills for 1vs1 or 2vs2 if it were to happen otherwise it would just be more of a mess then elsword ever was.
Serious PvP modifiers would need to be introduced. I think the KR community would like a 3v3 type mode.
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When I think about there being PvP in this game, I do think about how DnF did it and it is admittedly unbalanced. Fun, but unbalanced. I can't say for sure how much gear factors into PvP but your skillset  definitely does and it shows with the kinds of combos that people have done over the years. I've seen some pretty brutal combos that just destroy your HP pretty quickly, and they don't even have ways to get out of combos in that game. Some of them look like they're just because of gear, others look like because the skill is either just ridiculously powerful in that particular combo and used in the right way to make it seem better than it already is, or is just really high damage to begin with.

Taking some of that into consideration and how Closers currently is, I have to agree with the others and say that a proper PvP mode probably wouldn't be in this game's best interests. They'd have to do some really heavy scaling to a lot of skills for it to really work, and with all of the current content being released and more to come, I seriously question if they would be able to balance it to a point where it would be reasonable to play in.

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