An Error Has Been Detected
hello i don't know fix this error .... anyone know this error

[Image: gvIn3sG.jpg]

please help me Smile
If your okay with something I randomly found on the almighty google.
I figure another game miiight be relevant.
Not sure if this part is relevant but if your using Avast I would recommend another for this game. My Avast hates Closers.
Edit: Also this page
It about the error of not being able to connect to the server through a common module.
1. Do a Window Update
2. Check Window Firewall
oh np .. so Avast Hates Closer online,i'm using Avast Sad and i must download again?
Most likely just uninstalling it and installing a different antivirus should work.
I can't tell you if it helps though. I was playing Closers just fine till I downloaded Avast. After that I've crashed three times and couldn't even open my laptop after that. Brute forced through it and reset back to factory setting.
Would like how to fix this cuz my friend is having trouble getting it to work too D:

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