Another Video Game Crash Incoming...
Well lets compare this to the situation of the crash to 1983 and see how today is very similar.

1. Most of this is my opinion, you don't have to agree with it.
3. You will be reported for saying PC Master Race.

Bringing some relevant points, basing off of this page

Flooded console market
We don't have the same situation compared to 1983. We all know we have 3 main consoles PS4, Xbone, and WiiU. Although technically the 360, PS3, and Wii are still supported and games are still being made for them. Other gaming platforms include, PC Master Race, Ouya, iOS Devices. and other Android phones, tablets, and consoles. So in a technical sense, there are a lot of gaming platforms to play games on and a lot of choices to pick from.

Competition from home computers
Personally, I primarily game on my PC, 3DS, and my smartphone nowadays. PC's require more investment in order to perform very well, but you can receive an improved gaming experience and you do much more tasks on a computer. Console like the Xbone and PS4 are played for few exclusives, social environment, and the cheaper cost. If you enjoy consoles and their games, it's fine. In my opinion, paying $60 for most games on consoles is not worth the risk and value. (will be covered later). The return you get on a PC is better for the deals (covered later), and the other tasks you can do. The Wii U nowadays just have games I wouldn't be able to play on a PC. Multiplatform games are better on PC, providing that they are ported and supported properly.

Inflation and Market
While inflation has gotten worse since the 2000s, a lot of companies simply went bankrupt or got severely damage though the recession of 2008. This led to companies trying to make quick, low quality games in order to make a buck.

Loss of publishing control
For PC and mobile gaming, this is a major issue. Steam has released so much garbage, incomplete, and failed games on the Steam Store. Steam used to be a platform to find good quality PC games, but they just let anything get released nowadays. Steam just resort to using massive sales to sell their games, and the developer would make a lot less money. This situation would apply similarly to mobile gaming. Consoles don't have this issue because the higher cost of publishing and tighter control, this still doesn't prevent poorly released games to be released.

Piracy, Sales and Grey Market Sites
Piracy on gaming platforms (even consoles) is popular, I'm not saying everyone does it, but it's a good amount. There is just so much risk into buying games. Why buy a game, if there's such a high risk of the game being horrible or unbroken. So many games aren't worth the price tag. I haven't bought a full price $60 game in years. Most PC Games and I usually resort to buying keys on grey market sites. It's not the same as piracy in the sense, but developers would make less money on grey market sites. Official sales are nice, but the developer would have to take a revenue cut. This is only bad for lower or strict budget games.

Gaming Media and Criticism
A good amount of gaming media is very bias, sponsored to promote the game, etc. in order to mislead us. It's okay to promote a game, if you genuinely like it. There's just so many people getting paid by companies in order to make false hype for a game, or to tell us misleading information about new games. Developers and publishers make all these polished and hyped trailers, and when the games get released they fail. There are people that criticize a large amount of bad games on YouTube, but developers use their "power" in order to take down videos that are negative about their game.

High-profile (AAA) failures, DLC, and Rehashed games
AAA Games are not worth it anymore on any gaming platform, look at Ubisoft in 2014 and EA in 2013. There were so many broken, unfinished games that were released by them and a lot of other publishers. Nowadays, most publishers just rush developers in order to get their game out as fast as possible leading to lower quality games. DLC usually leads to developers leaving less content in the main game, while making you pay more for the rest. I don't have too much of a problem with cosmetic DLC, but they might as well be packaged with the game via an update. Games that get released on a yearly basis, usually have very little differences between the game. I would just release DLC for the extra content, but publishers want you to pay $60.

Overall and TLDR
I know this won't be read by most people, but I'm just putting my opinion out there. At this point, I really don't have trust for the gaming industry. I usually resort to buying cheaper games, because the worth is not simply there. There's only a matter of time, when other people realize this. Time will tell what companies will live and fail. I know there's other things I could say, but these points really stuck up in my head.

We the consumers should just not preorder or buy games or DLC because the risk is so high to buy a broken, unfinished game. There are companies that many of these points don't apply to. We are part of the problem, if we keep buying the games, DLCs. Support the good developers, and don't support the bad publishers.

Here's a nice video which is similar to this thread:

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Why buy consoles: Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts. *end*

I don't think so...? As far as I see it, the situation is better than ever, at least for the big companies. This DLC thing is the same market strategy F2P/P2W games use and, unfortunately, it works greatly. Yeah, we have lots of new crap games coming everyday, but this is good for us: more choices = more competition = better games.

I'm not one to talk though. I'm a pirate myself. I only buy games I really like or from small companies who actually need my support. For every other game I prefer downloading or buying its pirated version for X360.
The last game I bought was Naruto Revolution last year and every cent was worth it. I could have downloaded it for free, but since I like it a lot, I thought it was better to support the company.
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I've been praying for one for quite some time now. I would like to see the slate wiped clean and developers forced to make games that are actually good again. But I sincerely doubt we're going to get one anytime soon. PS4 and XB1 are both selling very well. Even Nintendo, the hero that has lived long enough to become the villain is financially secure thanks to all that Wii and DS money even after three years of losses and Wii U being a record setting failbox. (Would you believe that it hasn't even outsold Dreamcast's lifetime total yet? And we all know the tale of Dreamcast.....)

And yes, even with games like Destiny having massive advertisements and still failing to meet (unrealistic) sales expectations still get enough sales for their studios to keep going a little while longer. Even if the "AAA" model is unsustainable in the long run. But that's where microtransactions come in..... (And to think the people buying that DLC still bash kMMOs for microtransactions. Ha.)

(02-19-2015, 12:33 PM)gintoki147 Wrote: but this is good for us: more choices = more competition = better games.
Which brings me to the problem: This just isn't true. It leads to more catering to the masses than anything else. And the ingredients of mass appeal are not the same ingredients of quality games.

I think Nintendo proved it best with Wii. Wii Sports, the now best selling game (Not counting things like all different versions of Tetris as one game.) is just a tech demo, and that's what sold Wii. Even grandma has one rotting away in her closet because she wanted to play Wii Bowling with her friends.

.....Now she's most likely playing games like Angry Birds and Candy Crush. Hardly games that would be considered good, having depth, etc.
I agree on how rotten the game industry has become. Which is why I pirate my games and only buy them after I finish them and if I like it. And even then there are some games that I won't even bother to pirate(I'm looking at you Assassin's Creed Unity).

Also the deal with the DLCs is that $60 for the price of a AAA game just doesn't cut it anymore. The cost of making such a game is too much but $60 pricetag doesn't cut it. Or so what the company cry about to us. Excuse? Truth? I don't know. What I do know is that they don't even deserve that $60 for skipping over the "Quality Check" and "Optimization" parts of their project plans(I am STILL looking at you Assassin's Creed Unity).

However I am not sure if I desire a crash or not. While lots of useless programmers and game designers will lose their job which is good, few good people might get hit by that as well. I just want the companies to get their **** together. If a crash is needed for that... So be it.
Attack for the hit, fight for the win.

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So ....Obviously people care about the quality of their MMOrpgs. (**** Steam, What the hell is H1Z1....Bull crap)
Blade and Soul has exactly NO reason to create a North American Version.
Their stock numbers and amount of players that come to play on a single server alone is astounding.
That's one of the biggest reasons it has taken them 2 years to even consider it.
Number's don't lie

Elsword went down in players dramatically after players realized it is a really grindy game with a overwhelming stamina system. While their graphics , skill effect, and some of their events were on par, nobody could get over the fact that once you hit cap, all you had left to do was

-Grind impossible gears
-PvP (Which gets really tiring and old fast)
That's about it.

Lost Saga stopped getting as many players as they used to have because of the developers simply not caring about what they put out.
I mean have you seen the new character Destroyer?
He can drop you..And you can't do anything about it because he has super armor.
It is sad.

Grand chase isn't a game that needed to last too long... It started wrong.. I'm surprised it didn't end sooner.
The story had so much potential to it yet they didn't do much with it.
All of the story was on Wiki and still left you with a bunch of questions.

Who is to say Closers Online won't take the same grindy, over-whelming stamina path.
They need to dumb down the stamina bar a little bit and revamp the exp you get after level 35-end....
It's unbearable to a fault.

Microsoft is the only one that survived in that crisis with all of the other game companies though.
I'm taking a risk here...
But it is safe to say that my PC was birthed with the name master race sowed onto it.
I'm such a jackass....
"One blade is capable of cutting the world..."
-A local cat with green hair
I do think mainly the PC and PS3 got hit hard by this trend. I owned a PS3 and have bought a number of games, I must said the content in it only last me about a week. The rest is in DLC and it takes no effort to earn it in-game but rather just spent your money on it to obtain it.

No achievement on getting all the stuffs in-game now and most of them are mindless grind for stats. (not even new skills or content)
Recently PS3 JRPGs are pretty badly made. Only lasted me about 3 days and I gave up. Gameplay missing lots of features, story wise no effort put in to make some basic logic on relationship.
Side-story near to none, a lot more if i must name them. Graphic wise JRPGs normally have poor graphic so this department is always a let down in comparison to those big titles.

PC wise, it has his own issues too. Currently Closers is fun and not much restriction yet, hope they keep it up.

On my end, I find it not worthwhile to buy games now. Unless you have a full test of the game, not those trailer / free 1st chapter gameplay, else most likely you will only get about the amount of gameplay tat is in the trailer or the free trial.

P.S already spent about 1k++ on PS3 games, not including the gadgets, DLC, console / accessory.
I just want to play Soul Worker(if it ever comes out) and Xenoblade Chronicles X
If I don't do it....nobody else will.
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