Any Credit making tips?
I am using Caster as my main character and I found myself jugging too much MP just to finish the dungeon in record time, combine that with the repair cost and I barely break even in the credits I earned during the run.

Am I doing something wrong? TwT
Not really, that's how we all begin (i still struggle)
Just use more attack, once you get your first advancement get normal attack passive, that will get you back more MP while you normal attack. then you don't need many potions at all. Try not spamming your skills
[Image: HmiLowr.jpg]
I dismantle everything I use. Selling is rarely worth it. I have a 35 Seha, and decent weapons still sell for less than 1000. *not even enough to buy a single HP potion at my level*

Repairing doesn't cost too much? I dunno. Dungeons give decent...credits? Gold? Whatever the currency is. Credit gold debit.

I also sell the "forge" items that are needed to make weapons and such. Not the items that you need twelve of to make the box that gives you a random thing from the forge, but...everything else. v:

Normal attack more often, as previously suggested.
Combo normally more often. Or, gather mobs together and finish them all together in a single attack. More mana friendly that way.

Didn't know normal attack passive boost MP gain OwO

The problem with attacking is not only that it's weak, but it's range is very short.

Selling stuffs is also a good option but the fact that you have to pay a fraction of it sucks, specially if I am low on funds TwT
It does recover some MP each time you hit. Selling stuff is always a good option unless you want to dismantle them for materials.

Save up your money. Blow it on enchanting your weapons. (Dont blow it all, lel).
Do harder missions. They grant awesome money.


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