Any tanks in this game
I am just wondering, does this game have a tank character (Type of char that can take damage). I noticed that some chars like yuri or seulbi are not meant for errors. I know that in this game you aren't supposed to get hit from the beginning but was wondering, besides J who has his healing powers, can seha or misteltein take a few hits? I'm looking for a char with some "user error" space. Or maybe seulbi and yuri can tank too, but maybe I'm not playing them right. Anybody can give me their opinions?
Tein and J.

Tein has damage reduction on Lance Charging.
J has damage reduction on ATATATATATATATATA.

Seha seems like a tank but he only has damage reduction on ultimate 1, so he's only as good as a tank as Yuri and Seulbi.
Seha, Seulbi, and Yuri can tank for awakening but they can't reduce damage so you're going to have to chug HP potions to avoid dying.
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J is the tank. He has higher base HP than everyone else, gets HP back from normal attacks, has two HP recovery skills, lots of super armor frames, and disruption skills that can stop super armor attacks.

If you time your skills right, you can keep pounding on the enemies without interruption without needing to avoid most attacks like you would everyone else since he can get the HP back without chugging potions. (Not to mention interrupt THEIR attacks.)

That is until bosses start filling the screen with attacks that take out massive chunks of HP and force him to evade like everyone else. (Epilogue area bosses.)

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