Anyone else's Union Medal history page saying it's all gone on 1/31?
So, I noticed a large surge in my UM, and I noticed they gave out the UM log in rewards from the previous event so I clicked the history button for UM.  However, I noticed something at the bottom:

Some of the text copied here if anyone wants to use their own online translator:

The text and value in the bottom red box is what I'm worried about.  That value is the exact amount of UM I currently have and google translate says something along the lines of: "Use it all before the date, for it will be deleted at 7:00 am on the listed day."  

I know that the 20,000 UM given out for the OBT was going to be deleted on January 31st, but I used up all of it already.  6,000 was from the UM given out today, the 4650 is what I obtained via gameplay, so if that new amount was going to be deleted as well, it should only be 6000.

So is this probably an error on their part and I am just being paranoid?  Do they really want that 20,000 back, even if you already spent it?  Or are UMs deleted on a monthly basis?
i dk either, if no further confirmation,
we should use them all up b4 31th =S
Im pretty sure its just the first 20k :3

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