Are the Area 5 story quests even worth it?
I've done two 5-1 Very Hard runs..... and quite frankly, that was more than enough. Things get just plain stupid in VH due to how much HP everything has. And then those stupid healing black orbs get a shield rendering them invincible..... (It gets all the more ridiculous when they appear and you're fighting three shadow clones.)

And only for 65k EXP clear bonuses when Hard Modes are giving 58k+. Not worth the extra time and suffering.

However, I am curious if anyone completed the quests yet and found out that there +5 SP books or anything of the sort handed out by the chain that would make them actually worth it instead of just grinding on Hard Modes. Are there any +5 SP books or anything of the sort?
Naturally,theres SP books on every area.
And you probably get less expbfrom VH because of rank no? I mean,try to party or something to get SSS and see if its same exp or not.
Oh no, I definitely get more EXP from a 4 man 5-1 VH run.

.....But only 3k more than a 5-3 Hard 3 man run that takes half the time to complete.
Quote: Naturally,theres SP books on every area.
I must hurry.
there's no rush. You can do them after you spec up. Or get it over quickly then spec up. Next lvl cap increase shouldn't be for a while.
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