Astaroth FM dodge
Soooooooo like
(if the GIF/video is too big,double click it)
[Image: 8dad791bf09d360e376498c0b75e3fb1.gif]

Apparently,wait until the blue circle glows,then dodge (directly,without delay),this will guarantee perfect dodge at 100%

Or you can go MLG pro like tony and do this:
I will upload a additional video on the run with J on the step no. 8 Astaroth.
Hope it can help the community on how to deal with the boss.
Btw,the force cancel on my GIFs isn't necessary,perfect dodging is enough.

(it was just the first time i do it and had to make sure i'm safe lol)
(08-25-2015, 04:29 PM)Person Wrote:
That's dank
[Image: snZnVQv.png]
Clutching to memories

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