Awakened Pet Stage.
Evolution materials:

[Image: M5W6DP4.png]

The blue orb costs a bone each. Egg to Awakened costs 25 bones total. So if you're a free player who gets the free pet then buys a cash shop pet later on (Poes tend to go for 19-22 million on the market.) You can only use 5 of the bones.

The main perks of Awakened are that the pet gains 2 more AP, (From 11 to 13.) and I assume the attack does more damage. (Haven't really tested it out.) The passive buff is the same. (As in, Poe still gives 55 Atk and 10% CHD.) So if you really just want a pet for the stat buffs, there's no real reason to evolve to Awakened. (At least not yet. They might add something later on.)

The Awakened pet also gets a glowing aura and stars that orbit around it.
I can confirm the pet damage change, according to an inven pet guide as well, for officer pet, the skill changes as whole, instead of a 2x4 grid AOE air bombing with 10~second DoT, it becomes 3x3 grid AOE air bombing with twice damage but last like 4~5seconds instead.
On my end, my pet (Edgar) is practically useless dmg wise the suction skill lasts about 2-3 seconds longer than the normal. It now alot useful combined with officer due to his range decrease and how pet macro works.

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