Balancing PvP in Closers
Currently, I'm Arena level 30 and PvP is probably my main reason for sticking around in any game.
While IMO Closers has great PvP, it can be way better.

The balance of the characters doesn't appear to be that big of an issue at the moment.
Some characters have an easier time starting a catch, but at the end of the day, force a break, catch them the second time and it's GG no matter which character you're playing.

This is fine and all, but I think the game's PvP would become extremely interesting if damage output was toned down by 50% and basic combo's damage output is reduced by 90%
Just with this change alone, it would bring a whole lot of different aspects to PvP.

- Managing cooldowns. 

Because your opponent won't die a few seconds into your combo, you'd have to really think about how to keep your combo going for as long as possible.
At the same time, you'd have to think which skills you want to get into your rotation as much as possible before their break gets back off cooldown.

Matches won't be decided based off the first and second catch. Instead, matches would be decided on how consistent a person can catch the other person along with who can manage their skills better.

Basic combo should be your last resort to try and extend your combo. It would deal pitiful damage and if you're stalling for cooldowns, then your opponent deserves to take hardly any damage while their break gets off cooldown so they can escape your combo.

Currently, basic attack deals wayyyyy too much damage. I speak for Tina, since I play her, but all it really takes is a launch and 3 strings of shooting in the air to end the match.
Absolutely stupid. Takes no effort whatsoever.

Correct me if other characters in the cast can't do this.
If they can't then just nerf Tina's basic combo by 90% damage output lol.

I'm still relatively new to Closers, so let me know what you guys think if there are veterans out there.

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