Bank Share Exploit & Bannings
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Someone found an exploit in the Bank Share feature, and it is possible to mass item generate like 최고급 강화기 연료 / cash items like exp / magic 20% reduction medals. It is strongly suggest for players to not use the Auction House until this problem is solved.

The server might be rolled back or buying duplicated items might lead to a ban.

Updated: Glitch Abuse will lead to receiving a ban, and the glitched item will be removed.
Closers is a scary place ._.
Front Paged this post for awareness.
Do not send me private messages regarding game help.
The notice has been posted

The result of this bug abuser

will get ban and those bugged item will be removed
So the roll back will not happen? Can I level my characters without fear?
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Kaideh 45Kudaranai 43Mitsumi 43 — Alejandro 30  — Harisu 20
ID: Kaideh
(01-16-2015, 12:42 PM)Kaideh Wrote: So the roll back will not happen? Can I level my characters without fear?

yes no roll back

roll back is final method they choose

not like elsword kr

roll back for easy way
Woah, CloserS doesn't screw around.

I like it.
At least they found it right away. Unlike Ragnarok Online where it was hidden for like years until they found out about it, deleted the duped items and the economy crashed.
good things i didnt buy anything at that time

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