Basic tips for J - Grab cancel, Emergency escape, HP recovery
Unlike other characters, J consumes HP to use skills. However, that can't be the reason for J to use much potion than other characters since he has many advantage to block/avoid enemy attack and restore HP.

Grab cancel
If you're fighting against mid-boss or named monster, which have attack pattern with low level of super armor, you can cancel their irritating moves with Red clay grab. In the following video, you can see J canceling mid boss pattern with grab. Both 2 mid boss attack can be canceled by grab skill.

Emergency escape
In fact, this is not only for J. It's available for all characters, but anyway this skill helps J a lot by saving huge amount of HP.
You become invulnerable for a short time if you use this skill just before the incoming attack. I'm playing the same dungeon in the following video, but this time I'm not canceling mid boss pattern. Instead of that, I get invulnerability bonus by avoiding the attack. Watch carefully when mid boss uses holding pattern. When the mid boss appear again and try to stab my character, that's when you use emergency escape.

Even though you miss the right point, emergency escape still helps because you take 60% less damage while in escaping motion. In final boss fight, you'll see me missing some invulnerability timing, but still don't take much damage.

Skills that recover your HP
Germanium Power and Magnesium Strike restores your HP. In case of Magnesium Strike, you have to get advanced skill cube to recover HP. Following video will show you how fast those skills recover your HP.
Note that Germanium Power also decreases the amount of HP required when using skill. Try to use it before you start skill chain combination.

Nice tips for begginers.
It took me some time to learn all that by myself. Big Grin
[Image: Aiip38z.png]

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