Blackened Particles/Textures
So, this problem already happened to me once, but for some reason or another it came back.

Here's an example of what happens:

And.. yeah, i have no idea what caused this, or how to fix it. Anyone?
Does it stop you from doing the dungeon or prevent you from doing something inside it?
Nope, its just visual. It also drops my FPS a little bit when this happens.
I only had few similiar FPS drops with intense "dimension holes" spawning in EDMs,like twice only,and i don't think you can fix that,its some game bug,just wait till Naddic notices it and fix it,until then,its nothing urgent to care about.
(you should be fine if you are in epilogue/plane gate dungeons)
The FPS drop isn't that much of a problem... It was more for the visual part of the thing. XD
It's... annoying. Ugly. Sad

But thanks, anyway!

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