Bowpurity here.
Yo, it's BowP / Ze Wei / The guy online whom believes in truth.

My history is, I was a main player in GCSea, then went on to elsword, then elsword void, PSo2 sea and now I'm going to seriously play here in closers

Nice to meet you.
Oh god Void

It's also nice to meet you. I hope you enjoy your stay.
[Image: FVUJPdb.gif]
Oh come on, i just find myself reluctant to shell out money for B slot. And I refuse to play Eve EU and NA ip blocks...

Heh, I will.
Pls pay us with lots of $$$ -KoG

Hey o/
W0w hello there o/
Strikethroughs looks like the hip way to post in this thread

Haihai, and welcome the to CloserS forums! I hope you enjoy your stay and that you ask any questions you need.
I love Elsword myself, I can't stand the thought of private servers, but I understand the love for the game. Never had a chance to play PSO2 sadly, there's just too many games that I'm waiting for a localization to come.. eventually.

Wasn't willing to wait for CloserS though!!
Hi welcome to CloserS HQ! If you have any troubles/concerns/questions/etc don't hesitate to PM me! Smile
Y0L0 SW3G!!!1!!!
Don't worry, KoG will continue to make us sell our pockets for them C;, and soon void will join!

Welcome, lad!


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