Bunny's Fluffy Shop
Thanks to Lee (Jason H. in Discord) for the shop name idea!

-Insert banner that will be done eventually-

Status : Open

Hello! If you don't know who I am, I'm Bunny (or Sans in the Discord chat). I had a shop on Elsword NA's forum, but every signature shops there were are dead. I'm somewhat known to make the logo for the HQ/Wiki and the icon for the HQ's Discord group. But, I also make signatures for fun. It's actually been more than a year since I started making those for fun. I'm still trying to improve slowly, but surely. Also, I suck at introductions. :D

I'm not the kind of person who adds a lot of rules but please...
- Don't be rude.
- Don't request too much.
- Credit the first time the sig is used.
- Don't use multiple accounts to request.
(Bolding this because I had bad experiences with that.)

I haven't done much these days, but here.
Here are more examples.

Type : (Signature, avatar, banner, whatever you want basically)
Image: (A render, which is an image with a transparent background, would be nice)
Size : (My default for signatures is 500x200 and for avatars, 150x150)
Text : (A long text can ruin a signature)
Theme : (This isn't necessary, but it can help me a lot)
Notes : (Extras comes here. And if you want an animated signature, say it here!)

Haha, are you asking for the price? It's obviously free.

Hah, I usually never work with slots, but this time, I'm only taking 4 requests at a time.

I'd be surprised if someone requests, but if you do, thank you so much! It will make me practice more.
If not, thanks for passing by.

By the way, I know this thread doesn't look sparkly. If it's successful, I'll most likely change things around.
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