Buying NX? No Paypal..
So I would need to have an NX Card and as such I found a guide on this forum. However, I dontt have paypal and as such not really a chance to get such a Card (or did not found any) since I only can get Paysafecard. Anyone know a solution?
Prepaid Visa card should work, unless that is the card you cant get?
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That is my problem: I dont have any such cards and not really options to get those. As I said is the only thing I have PaysafeCard.
So no other option then? Q__Q
(02-12-2015, 06:59 AM)Sora Wrote: So no other option then? Q__Q

nope, you have to use paypal or bank transfer(very very complicated). Other than those options, google wallet is an option, but it very sketchy depend on what area/country you live in. Last resort is to wait for a Nexon seller that sells NX for credits. At the end no paypal = no NX
You can use prepaid cards with paypal now. 

Also, there's no known places where that uses Paysafecard. You can be SOL.
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