Hello! It's nice to see another Closers English Community... (lots of well-known Elsword players here too...) scary
I'm not someone of high importance.

I'd just like to ask about the wiki you guys are working on.
Do you guys already have a large majority of the wiki prepared already?

Because if not, there's another wiki, with prepared pages, that me and a couple of my friends are currently working on:
(We didn't start it, but we're working hard to revive it...)

I would appreciate it if you guys could help out, seeing as the HQ has translators and many dedicated players.
I was recently given bureaucrat rights, so I'd happily grant the supporters the same rights, should they dedicate themselves to the wiki.
I've already obtained the Facebook Community, Hae Gwon, and potentially 2na's support on the wiki, and I'd absolutely love it if I were given the support of another English Community.

I think it is possible to collaborate with everyone so that we can release CLOSERS information as soon as possible, as quickly as possible~

...even if there is already a wiki prepared, I think it'd be a good idea to use the wikia as the prototype. That way, we can release information quickly, and then switch to this HQ's wiki in the future.

I hope my plans will be considered, and I would appreciate any support or help at all from the members here. Thank you for your time.
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Hello Khleys,

I was well aware of the CloserS Wiki hosted by wikia. My team and I have decided to make our own wiki, because we don't like the wikia host as a whole. We prefer making a wiki that the staff and I have full control over.

It would be an amazing opportunity if you would decide to merge the wikia information with our hosted wiki. I would obviously make you staff of our new wiki.

For the time being, our staff has decided to use the wikia for now to input some data, while I develop the new wiki that will be hosted here. Currently, our staff is busy translating news and other data. Whenever our wiki goes live, we will start the merge if you agree to do so.
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Yeah, I understand...wikia is a bit difficult to work with at times. Even I agree with that...

Anyways, that's great news! Thank you for the support, and thank you for the opportunity. I'll do my absolute best to try and support the wiki when it's live. Smile
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Seeing this community band together in times of not understanding a game warms my heart.
Nathan you suddenly are too kind

Well, this is kinda late but.
Anyways, Casey has mentioned the merging together, etc etc. Whenever you guys are ready with the wiki, I have gained ElWiki's approval to help us gain more users/helpers/etc etc. Whenever you guys are ready, please don't hesitate to PM me!
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