[CLosersHQ-NASA] How to install and run VPN
download VPNGATE client at


1st download link (i will give example in the video)

Extract them to 1 folder

After you download, install it

Then when you got Softether VPN follow my steps.

In the event if the server fail to connect, just find a new one and redo

Take notes that Free VPN will include risks, for example the host can monitor your account data and your internet usage(that went through the VPN) data.

For a safer and faster VPN solution please check out my other guide : Private VPN solution
is VPN Gate safe? I dont want it to record my login info just for it to get stolen... as I heard of vpn stealing ur personal data.
Well best deal is to connect to those large one with lots of ppl, or just buy a private vpn such as FlyVPN.com, usually I would recommend private internet access website but their Japan server have some issue ATM. And back to the main topic vpngate is a open source vpn so yes the vpn hosted can steal ur info. But if you use the ones with lot of users on it it usually a better idea.

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ohhhh make sense, then I'll just connect to ones with most people just to be safe.
My only problem with it is that sometimes i can spend 30 min and still cant connect to any of the japanese ones.
Unless you are unfortunate to be in a country like Philippines (one of the most expensive and [email protected] internet service), connecting to a VPN like that one is quite fast.

But if you are that unlucky, well consider paid VPN services. Some countries (like the said country above) limits VPN usage (not restrict) so that nobody could do "free internet browsing" abuse. VPN sorts of bypass them before so they set limitations for that.

Another thing. try running VPNGate as administrator. Windows 7+ don't run VPN well unless ran as administrator.
I have used VPN for different purpose If you don't know that how to install vpn for torrenting or anything else It is very simple you just need to search how to setup vpn for Canada in 2016  and definitely you will find some relevant information that help you in your
I have used VPN specially for security reasons. It is very easy to setup through this guide VPN in Canada. There are other reasons that you can use VPN for such as streaming sports, privacy, anonymity.

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