Can't connect to server
Yesterday I followed this guide to help me create an account for Closers online. Once I had my account I was able to find instructions on the Sega page to download, install and run the game. After following the instructions I Successfully installed the game. I logged into the Sega page clicked the "Game Start" Button and the launcher started up. Once in the launcher I clicked the "Play" button and the game started. At this point everything seemed to be running smoothly, the company logos started to show and then the signing in dialog box popped up. But once the signing in dialog box popped up, the game froze for a second and then anther dialog box popped up(Attachment).

With a quick translation it says something along the lines of "Can't connect to the server". Once this message came up I started to try to find the cause of it. I tried disabling my anti-virus, changing VPN from UDP to TCP, disconnected VPN when launcher popped up, changed my system locale and region to Japan, Check for maintenance(The emergency maintenance was over at the time). But none of these seemed to fix the issue. I am at a lost now and do not know what it could be, does anyone have any ideas on what it could be? has this happened to anyone?

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I have the same problem. ...... I hope someone can fix our problems. ...
Same >.<
So the problem is whatever VPN you're using (I went and searched around the site and learned) Find a new VPN. Try it. I suggest this thread I found.

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