Can't download
So i recently upgraded my computer, so i need to download Closers all over again
I download it using the same way i last year, thourgh the launcher
But for some reason, i cant

The download stopped at 4MB out of 6GB
And for some reason the file size in my (DSmile drive showed 67GB !!
I mean... how ? why ? how is this even possible ?

Is this normal ??
Because of this i cant finish my download because of the file size eating space

Need any help thank you~

P.S. I miss Closers
You can always use other methodes instead, the 64Gb size is most likely from the log files glitching, delete them.

So, delete the log files & check the folder size again, if its bigger than 500mb, then its just the visual glitch striking again, and you are downloading just fine.
Thanks, ill try it

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