Can't log in for the past day. Server issues? IP ban?
Starting yesterday, I cannot log onto the game at all.

The first time I tried, it got past the intro video (Naddic, NK games, etc.) and hung on the part with the twirling Black Lambs insignia, then eventually brought up a pop up window with an error message. I clicked on it, and the client closed.

Every other time however, it takes longer after clicking "Game Start" on the website for the patcher to open. And after clicking "Start", it hangs for a while, eventually my mouse cursor will show up again, then I Alt + Tab out, get an error message in Korean, close the client, then get an error message in English about the 3D device not loading or something.

The second one is something I actually get occasionally when I take too long to launch the game after logging into my Nexon account. The solution is usually to just log in again. But now it's doing it when I try to launch the game right away.

So, is this happening to anyone else? Any idea what's going on? Google Translate tells me one of the recent notices was for emergency maintenance. That seems to be what caused this problem for me.

I have tried in both Firefox and Chrome. The result is the same.

Edit: Okay, it just now let me to the channel selection screen. But after trying to enter twice, I got these pop-ups:

[Image: qiedHtk.png]

After closing the second one, the game closed.

.....This is really beginning to look like a ban.

Edit 2: Got two more error message windows:

[Image: qHl2S4D.png]

[Image: h1dFTSu.png]
Maybe your latency to KR just got higher? at least that's what can cause the first errors, and it sometimes happen that someone's internet suddenly starts getting high latency to nexon websites, try to use a KR VPN and see if it solves the issue? (it usually does)
And now it just let me log on as normal.



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