Canceling astaroth/Mephisto's FM
Noticed you can cancel them at 100% of you time it correctly, you must be already hiting them with your FM3+awakening (super armor crash Lv5) right when they start their FM, you have like 2~3seconds before they can no longer be canceled.

For Nightmare astaroth (step8), He will be using his FM at exactly 19HP Bar, using your FM3 (WITH awakening) during that time will cancel his starting animation, therefore the whole skill.

For Mephisto, its between 30 and 25 HP bar (can't really tell since i just use my FM3 at 30~29 and it lowers his HP all the way AND cancel his FM), unlike astaroth who show you that he is preparing for his FM, you must be quick enough to cancel this one, since he will be debuffing you with the floating swords (it can glitch and cancel his FM AND have the swords above you, but don't risk it).

I tried to do the same for vites but it doesn't seem to be possible since he just teleport and become invincible during his whole FM duration.

Remember this only works with Master cube FM3 (OA/OC Finisher move), canceling one FM might not sound like much, but it allows you to kill the boss before he try to do that ever again if you are fast enough.

Apparently you can cancel the FM even if it starts for Nightmare Astaroth's case, you can still do the same for Mephisto after the swords shows up, but once you are pushed , Mephisto becomes invincible and unnable to hit, so be sure to be quick about it or hit him right at 29HP bar.

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