Casey's Account/NX Giveaway #1 [Winner Posted
is this serious??

quack seems like a challenge I... possibly accept
[Image: WyY2kGE.jpg]
Seha: lvl 62 Misteltein:62 Seulbi:44 Yuri:50 J:62 Nata: 58 Revia:59 Harpy:48
Totes in 4 dis.
Master of all lolis
Gimme them all
Good luck to anyone entering.
No longer active
oh this is scool so just have a minimum of 25 post by the 21 and then what RNG?

also need the account for a friend since he has been following the game since 2012 but can't play till NA
In it just for a reason to get my post count up.

Timer got reset, also watch the widget on the first page to see the time in EST.
Do not send me private messages regarding game help.
#Rekt train still here?
another day another post

hoping to to get the account don't care about NX want the account for my fiend *^*

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