Cash Shop any good?
Alright, I know that KR sure is pretty greedy and expensive in tearms of cash shop. Since I cant Korean (and I cant make any sense with translators) I wanted to ask if the cash shop has anything good in it. Im sort of interested in clothing, but I cant tell if they would be better then the clothes you get (and since you got an upgrade-event for levia..). Would be glad if someone could help me and give some advise and opinion. Thanks Big Grin
The "upgrade event for levia" is only for her base promo,all 2* sets have the same set effect,heck you can even get the set effect without having matching pieces,as long as everything is 2* (hair & accessory excluded)
For more information about the Union Store,check this:
Best way to make money is by selling Bikinis.
Afterwards, you use the credit you just got to buy other things. Tongue

Otherwise, no, cash shop isn't that great...just costume/enhancement items, and they're all tradeable in some way.
It should be like this though, cash shop should never have extreme gameplay advantage items x_x

I would save any NX you have for B slot or aesthetic slot, since you can't buy those from market.
It would also be fun to play Gacha instead of selling Bikinis, 100% chance to get item you can sell for 400k so not too gambly. Tongue
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condo- cough the enhnace protections are good for +11 and more
@Khleys: Well, dont have much money so I would not be able to buy clothes. What is Gacha?

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