Poll: Openers for Closers HQ Circle
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Other, post see below.
6 23.08%
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Circle (Guild) Name for Closers HQ
(02-24-2015, 09:37 PM)Person Wrote: it will be so funny if circle isn't actually a guild system xD
the disappointment would be real

I honestly don't know where it came from.
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Well it was confirmed by GM it is guild system unless he just told us that for further hype only to be destroyed xDD anyways I think HQ would be a fine name(I honestly just liked openers as a joke not a legit name ;I).
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What Yaoi said.
All I could come up with was "Ebon Ovis" (A "cooler" way of saying "Black Sheep") and "7.5+7.5=15".

.....And I would choose "Openers" over those and all the other options thus far.
keep it simple and use ClosersHQ
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CHQ sounds simple, minimal and cool cause who doesn't like acronyms Big Grin
I figured the logical option would be ClosersHQ

m-my sides

OT: I vote for ClosersHQ '-'/
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Alright,so,who's gonna be the 20 VIP to join the official circle?
Or should we make multiple circles until further update?
let's ask the rich ppl to pay everything k?k

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