Claws or whips?
(02-12-2015, 10:06 PM)Khleys Wrote: I really suggest using whip + crit stacking over claw for endgame hahahahaha. Try something new.

Yeah. Yeeeeaaah.
No, I guess I didn't read your post right. I just read "crit is so easy to get" and thought you meant crit chance because my poor little eyes can't read anymore.

I'd figure whip is better if you have crit for years, but there's no need to really specialize your stats until you're capped/near capped. <3
Is it weird that I am using lantern on Seha? >.>
(02-11-2015, 04:43 PM)Endgame Wrote: Chance + Damage bonus really is, I'm beginning to wonder if whips might be better than claws for Seha. (Although I'm not sure exactly how much crit rate I'll be able to stack given the limited number of time gear can be tuned.)
i will pick scythe. scythe give much critical damage and high damage. but if you don't have scythe and you're not on max level zone.(that blue gate but i don't remember name.)just use something you'd like to. it's not hard to play well till you go to gate.

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