Closers Abridged cartoon
Guro part is done.
[Image: hDFkpkH.gif]
...does dust really not wear panties

who wants to write a short biography on this windy person so i can be a cool kid that has context too
How do you even see down there? She has a fluffy skirt and pantyhose.
So, soon they want to get rid of Asta just for his money?
Even with their power, its impossible to change the cash system...
Auugh.. my sides..Too funny...
If I don't do it....nobody else will.
[Image: e8a2d0eee420588d1aa4080532c2c765.gif]
(03-09-2015, 05:42 PM)Ryan Wrote: ...does dust really not wear panties
I'll try to find out the next time there's a quest where you fight her/new character release.

.....If she'll even hold still long enough.
Singang part is up
[Image: hDFkpkH.gif]
Shut up Tein!
Something tells me Windy doesn't like Mistel very much. Just a hunch, though.
The comic raises a good point. Just why would Hana have problems getting attention anyway?

One would think she'd appreciate something else drawing attention away from her for a while. I mean..... I can think of two big reasons why she'd be getting hit on every day.

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