[Closers_CN]Levia MISC. and videos (pve)
Recently I have been playing Levia on the CN server and enjoyed a lot. Here are a few feelings (pve-centric) and videos about the class that I would like to shareヽ(✿゚▽゚)ノ .
Note that Lamb's Keeper Bridge (for Levia) has just been added to the CN server on the most recent patch, so the following will only be based on the present contents.
(I will try not to repeat the wiki XD. )

  • Levia's play-style can be concluded as aerial, mid-distance, with relatively few movements, although it may differ with the player. 
  • Damage increase during phase power release is valueble because 1) Levia is in phase power release at least 90% of the time and 2) it factors three times into the final damage, among which once (critical damage) is nondiminishing.
  • Levia is the cutest.
  • With that being said, Levia has very strong potential in damage output, but not the strongest. Tina is (almost) always better and Seha is conditionally better. 

Skills (assuming aerial):
  • Levia has one reliable iframe (Sacrifice), one iframe (Tail whip), and 5 damage reduction skills including FMs. 
  • Tail Whip sometimes selects its target in a weird way (eg. opposite to the skill's direction).
  • Fang Dive recovers Phase Power even when it hits nothing.
  • When Black Sabbath is used in air, it deals full aerial damage even though it returns you to the ground eventually.
  • Serpent Swarm is a safe way to enter battle.
  • A large proportion of Levia's damage comes from Hell's Trap (Master). It always deals aerial damage.
  • Tormenting Light does not have damage reduction when casting.
  • Mamushi Swarm is useful against certain boss mechanics (eg. Throne of Abyss/Special Quarantine Zone).
  • Judgement Star and Walpurgis will continue their effect as long as the hit boxes have appeared (ie. casting has finished), even if force-cancelled. Judgement Star has very short casting time. 

Just FYI, I maxed the 3 FMs, Tormenting light and Hell's Trap and did not invest in Serpent's Waltz. However I do think Serpent's Waltz is a great skill and it is worthwhile to max it in terms of dps. 

1. Alter of Nightmare + Verdure Amphitheater (Phase 8 at level 58 and Phase 10 at level 68/69)
Levia's high burst damage output can help to skip many mechanics.

Phase 8:

Phase 10:

Alter of nightmare without skipping the ultimate:

2. Lamb's Keeper Bridge Training
Trying to show how the class is like in terms of sustained dps (against waves of bosses).

Lamb's Keeper Bridge Training:

3. Throne of Abyss + Territory of the Ancient Beast 
For the sake of completeness (?).

Hope it could be of some help m(_   _)m

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