Closers HQ 1 Year Anniversary Giveaway & Happy Holidays
yay free things
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[Image: Aiip38z.png]
It's all about money money money (8
[Image: giphy.gif]

Misteltein...Misteltein...wake up...come on, with me...that is our mission

Check my Misteltein Guide
Hope to get something :3
I would love to be able to play this game, been lurking the Wiki since a few months. (Sent the PM)
can i still post
Money is love
[Image: 3b1ded31af50600f9c2d1b6280a156fe.png] [Image: 2079d52bf1ab35dfa83e6e9862cbee18.png]
Money for Harpy
read the wiki and I promise you'll get laid, contribute and get special service from our Meme Squad member Person
Gotta dress my Harpy and Levia up, hnnng

Post #7

Closers KR Information
Stamina Reset: 5AM KDT
» Other Timezones: 1PM PDT | 3PM EDT

Major Updates
» Character Rebalance (BlackLambs)
» 6/30 SA Seulbi Release
» 8/11 SC Levia Release

Latest Patch Notes
» 6/30 SA Seulbi Release Full Patch Notes
» 8/11 SC Levia Release Full Patch Notes

Latest Official Media
» SA Seulbi Trailer
» Levia SC Trailer
» Tina OC Trailer

Latest Comic
» Offical Webtoon Forgetten Thief Harpy Finished

Latest Events
» SA Seulbi/Summer Events

Closers JP Information
Major Updates
» Global Version Update 2016.06

Latest Patch Notes
» Global Version Update 2016.06
» Patch Notes (6/20)

Latest Trailer
» Closers JP Animation

Latest Events
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