Closers HQ 1 Year Anniversary Giveaway & Happy Holidays
Merry Christmas to all~ ^^ Entry#1

RNGesus plz halp <3 Entry#2
[Image: random12.jpg]
Lv48 Seha [DesiredxDoom] Lv20 Seulbi [DoomedDesire] Lv20 Yuri [DesiredDoomx] Lv43 Mistletein [ricEcuP] Lv43 J [DesiredDoom]
kinda late but merry christmas and happy new year everyone~ <3

Though i only play this game like 8 months only lel ~ :v
[Image: 0d2fa4ddc9fd9605d2ac653abfba7095.gif][Image: 0d2fa4ddc9fd9605d2ac653abfba7095.gif]
[Image: 0d2fa4ddc9fd9605d2ac653abfba7095.gif][Image: 0d2fa4ddc9fd9605d2ac653abfba7095.gif]
merry christmas guys.
[Image: Fate_Stay_Night_-_Shirou_Fights_Archer.gif]
So does today count as Christmas post?
Entry#2 Merry Christmas
[Image: al5lkn.gif]
Merry Christmas everyone!
KR account. Merry Christmas Tongue
Merry Christmas!

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Merry Christmas everyone! Hope you guys have a good one <3

(Post #1 for 25th)
I almost forgot to comment

Let's win this : <

Entry 2 ~
[Image: giphy.gif]

Misteltein...Misteltein...wake up...come on, with me...that is our mission

Check my Misteltein Guide

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