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Hello Agents,

I would thought to do another fun event for the Closers HQ Community. It will be a scavenger hunt. You can be in a team, or complete the challenge solo. The winner can chose up to 2 other people to share the prize or keep the prize to themself. 
I suggest being in the Discord Server and talking in the #hq-scavenger-hunt channel for discussing the scavenger hunt.  I will post hints every day that will lead four digit code. For example, 1020 would be a code. The full code would be a 25 digit code and it will be in a consecutive order from Code 1 to Code 5.

NX, Web Money, PayPal Money. (10k for the winner, 5k pick two people to share the code.)

Code 1
Hint 1: Go to Discord and the First Hint will be in the #announcements channel.

Code 2
Part A
Hint 1: "The holidays are one of Casey's favorite part of the year! It's surprising that it has already past." (Digits 1 and 2). 
Hint 2: "Casey broadcasts himself playing games on Twitch and YouTube. During his free time, he listens to video game music of his favorite games on the rooftop of his dorm. (Digits 3, Bolded words will help you to find the answer for this.) 
Hint 3: "Everything Casey does he screams "First!"." (Digit 4)
Note: Each hint represents a digit within in the code for part a. So for example Hint 1 could represent 12, Hint 2 would be 3, Hint 3 would be 4. Just put the codes altogether to make 1234. 
Part B
Hint 1: "Spring has come and the birds are chirping. Casey hears the bird makes its speech"
Part C
Hint 1: "Go to Discord Chat and see whats up for the topic for discussion."

Code 3
Part A
Hint 1: "The initial gateway to play Closers. However there are many gateways to get there. Sometimes Casey will provide the gateway,  but goes through green to provide this.  Only at the gateway you will find the code." (KR Server)
Hint 2: "You must remove the sins to purify the gateway" (This must be done after you answer Hint 1)

Part B (Optional Bonus / 5K NX) Whoever finds this first will get this.
"In the gateway to Closers, the code of the object can be found in the properties of the object. "

Code 4
Hint 1: "The professional fish hides the code somewhere where it posts." (Digit 1)
Hint 2: "Casey gets upset when people use this plug-in to take away his green, he shames them with a message. (Digit 2)"
Hint 3: "Khley wishes that more people will use Closers Wiki to obtain the latest information about Closers. (Digit 3)"
Hint 4: "The credits..Who reads them? (Digit 4)"

Code 5
Hint 1: Casey is feeling generous, here is the full six digit code for the scavenger hunt. (Code: 510510)

How to Enter Code:
1. You must PM me the full 22 digit code on the forum
2. List all of the people on your team. (Max: 3)
3. Unless you already did it. Make sure you explain where you found the code and it's digits.

Have fun,
Closers HQ Staff
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O dear god effort :I
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