Closers JP Questions
So, I have a few questions about the JP server of Closers.

1. Is it IP blocked? 
I've read somewhere the launcher is region blocked, but I dunno overall. I can get on the website just fine, which is mostly causing this confusion.

2. If you get caught, so to speak, is it simply a ban that you get, or are there more repercussions? 
All I plan is to play it, not really seriously either. Mostly casual play, I suppose. Though, I'm curious just in case.

3. Is there anything specific to know about the JP server to consider when playing?
I'm asking just in case.

Those are my main questions right now. I'd appreciate any help I get.
1. yes, we free players use SoftEther vpn. depends on what you do, really. if you go around and talk in english players will report you or if you switch too many IPs in 5 minutes yes, you will be banned. just keep it low and nothing will happen. you can get your account locked if you fail captcha one too many times but there's pso2 guides on how to take care of it.
3. mm, no stamina system is our biggest plus, though number of players is lesser and we're behind on content. major cons is that there isn't purple fuel yet.
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