Closers JP confirmed
This could definitely be a good turning point for Closers on a whole. Hopefully it's received well by the JP market, and Sega manages it well.
Didn't expect this, considering how bad Closers is doing atm..
I hope things work out though
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Clutching to memories
Sega like time to drop nukes

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(06-25-2015, 07:48 PM)Yinada Wrote: Didn't expect this, considering how bad Closers is doing atm..
I hope things work out though

Now that i think about it,maybe they were busy with the JP stuff???
You know,making contract & discussing what content shall be translated and what content shouldn't etc..
And so it begins...
GG in advance folks.
Prepare for the Fanarts :3
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Moving this thread into the new JP Forums
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Lmao, this is good since I play phantasy star online. Gonna say bye bye to Kr server.. prolly I will jump ship cuz anime collaborations are incoming \\o.o//. I can imagine now Seulbi having panis outfit damm.
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Site's updated with information now.

Oh man they changed their names.

Seha Lee is now Haruto Kaguragi
Seulbi Lee is now Mikoto Amamiya (le Mikoto Misaka jokes incoming)
Yuri Seo is now...Yuri Asuma
They could at least make the names sound similar, Seha's JP name felt like it came out of nowhere lol.

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