Closers JP confirmed
(07-10-2015, 11:52 PM)Nova Wrote:
(07-10-2015, 03:59 PM)Khleys Wrote: Suzuya is that you
It says Nao Toyama, not Sarah Emi Bridcut.

I don't mean in terms of VA, I mean in terms of personality.
Really doesn't feel like Yuri anymore.

On a side note, JP's localization is really ticking me off.
They got rid of loading screen images and replaced it with fanart (not saying fanart is a bad thing, but couldn't you have picked a better place for that? You're throwing away the effort that was used to make the loading screens)
They changed Logo
They changed Skill Cut-in Art
They replaced SFX
They changed cutscene from Gangnam GGV to Guro Station
Speaking of which, it's 'Akatsuki' now, not 'Gangnam'...yes, it moved to FKING JAPAN.

If NA is going to be this disrespectful, I'm just going to stay in KR.
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Tomokazu Sugita confirmed as J.

Quote:I don't mean in terms of VA, I mean in terms of personality.
Really doesn't feel like Yuri anymore.
Isn't that kind of the point? Outside of the sudden Phase Power realization angst and the part where she starts questioning the morality of UNION, she is the energetic one in the group, and the most eager due to actually having a job that pays well. How is that not being like Yuri at all?

Quote:Localization blah blah
You really want Japanese people trying to awkwardly pronounce Korean words and places all over the place? Especially since Japanese rely on speaking words on sight and that would probably mean craptons on 'e's and 'h's on each and every word? Or "butchering" the spellings of names like what Soul Calibur did the first time they introduced Seong Mi-na and Yun-Seong? Hell, it'd probably be incredibly awkward if they kept the Korean setting anyway, since you'll be having a bunch of Korean people speak Japanese.

Also, I doubt SEGA is "disrespecting the creators" since RESS made the updated art for the Japanese version. Oh and he also freaking retweets the Closers JP twitter. Hell, I wouldn't have even found out that Closers JP was already confirmed if it weren't for him retweeting it. Also, both he and Naddic Games are following the Closers JP twitter, as well. So tell me how is SEGA disrespecting the creators when they are openly promoting the product?

Normally, some concerns regarding the localization can be a valid. But your concerns seem...nitpicky. Seriously, you're making a fuss over the art, sound and logo? And the effort they spent on their loading screens, which is literally just a still shot of the town you're in? What the hell? Also note that I am not defending what SEGA is doing. Rather, I'm questioning how you think their way of localizing the game is "disrespectful". Because all I see them doing is making a Korea-heavy game more culturally accessible to Japanese players and they're doing that by turning the setting into Japan instead of forcing Korea down their throats, and the creators themselves don't seem to mind at all.

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