Closers Japan block account
[Image: yNYDKT2.png]My account is blocked and so many people too
Why  Sad
Maybe you were one of those (along with your friends that got the same issue):
[Image: 8885a656ff.jpg]
i never use chat world T_T
i just in their guild , can I get my account back ? I really miss my character T.T
come join kr master race
[Image: Aiip38z.png]
Maybe they banned the whole "guild" then knowing that you are a foreigner who uses a VPN and you're not supposed to be there Big Grin

Because let's be honest, why would a Japanese person join a "guild" of people who speak another language, and on broadcast :/

You guys definitely got reported by Japanese players, that's all I can say, if you are in their guild and they got banned as well, then its definitely the cause.
Not trying to be a smarta** now, but the whole point of blocking IPs outside their own ones was obvious: they didn't want us foreigners here in the first place and it's almost always like this with KR/JP/CH servers. And that guild with its members, along many others foreigners these days are spamming nonsense in various languages whenever I log on the game...well, you guys pretty much got what you were searching for, next time try to keep it down/under the water.

I'm starting to think that is pretty strange that with the Winter Event on and that satellite/global megaphone dropping in those runs, foreign people are starting to get banned in groups, it's almost as if it was all calculated, lol.
Some people in my guild didn't get ban although they spam another language in world chat which in the picture you shared
I and some people get ban didn't do anything (we just play,never chat with strange people)
I realized almost banned account was created totally new (one - three month ago) and account play from close beta of JP server didn't get ban , I wonder why

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