Closers KR: 12/07 Update Patch Notes: QoL Changes
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I'm just going to do a rough summary of all QoL Changes and Etc. on this update.

1. Gameplay QoL Update
1) Level Up Process will be shortened.
- EXP from select main quest and dungeons will increase, as well as decreasing the amount of dungeon runs you have to do overall.
- The length of International Airport dungeons will be decreased.
- Amount of clears needed for dungeon clear achievements will be decreased./

2) Plane Gate & Nightmare World(EX Area) Quests Adjustments
- Plane Gate: Amount of Dungeon Runs decreased, Dungeon Entrance Limit increased, Crafting Mat (Needed) nerfed, Achievement Rewards buffed & Reqs. nerfed. Base reward increased, PNA EXP increased.
- Nightmare World: Amount of Dungeon Runs decreased, Dungeon Entrance Limit increased, Crafting Mat (Needed) nerfed, Achievement Rewards buffed & Reqs. nerfed.Base reward increased.

3) Potions in leveling stage have been merged together.
- Three types of new potions to replace the old HP/MP potions have been added. (The old HP/MP potions will be in inventory, but they will no longer be obtainable. Meaning, you can just sell them away and enjoy less of these potions taking space in your inventory.)
[Image: vsSsoyE.png]

Image of the new potions that will be replacing the previous form of potions. Instead of HP/MP in each level tier, these three presumably will be the only HP potions(that are buyable from NPC) that will be available.

- Two types of buff potions to replace the old buff potions have been added.

[Image: rv3kZ4r.png]

Likewise; if you've played, you know there's that five different kind of green bottle buff potions. Those are getting merged into one. Also, the normal Physical/Magical Attack buff potion is increased in its ratio.

Also, the 4 Tiamat Potions are also getting merged into one, as you can see in the table.

4) UNION Camp Update
- Exploratory/Farm Rewards will be buffed, as well as giving more incentives to Maid Selin & Alraune.
- Additional Aura item available for craft.
- Stats from UNION Camp title has been buffed.

5) Material/Consumable

- Material/Consumable in stages of the game will be adjusted.
    - The base yellow fuel has been merged into the green fuel.

[Image: k2AvQTR.png][/align]

    - All of the following items are available to be converted to the 'merged' state in the Conversion menu on the Crafting Machine(Allen).

[Image: UqKIyba.png]
[Image: 495qWWS.png]
[Image: JONenAA.png]

*) Also, it isn't mentioned within the patch notes, but it seems that sealed version of PG Gears not can be directly exchanged for their fully crafted version at Bona.

[Image: MeG2poo.png]


That's it for all of the QoL changes. There were also minor updates like UNION Camp now being enterable by other Closers(characters) AND also allowing you to place your character on someone else's UNION Camp Mascots(if they invite you)!

Luna Aegis is almost upon us. For her pre-contract event related info, please refer to #announcements in our Discord.

Happy Closing!
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