Closers KR: 12/14 Basic Update Patch Notes
[Image: 45yeBZQ.gif]


1. Luna Pre-Creation

- You will be now able to pre-create Luna before her official release in 12/21.
- You won't be able to play the game with her, but you can check out her character select voice/emotes.
- Remember that in 12/21 when she officially releases, you will have to press Emergency Act before you can actually go fully in game with her!

2. PVP Updates

- Additional Situational Damage given from Receivers will no longer be applied in all PVP Modes.
- Phase Power Release cast will now be grab-resistant.
- Every character will now have up to two Force Cancel stacks.

- Detailed Changes: More rushed and not neat form this time. Er... Deal with it? <...

3. Buff Update

- Teamwork buff icon will now be merged into one.
- Amulet buff(Consumable buff item in inventory) will now all be merged into one amulet and buff icon.

4. New Rare Costume

- The 3rd Rare Costume, 'Zenith Wings' has been released.
- Currently, only Harpy, Tina, and Violet's Zenith Wings costume will be added into the game.
- When trying to merge Costumes with Synchro Fiber with these three characters, they will be able to merge costumes into Zenith Wings costume.
- With that, chance to pull Rare Costume Accessory from Gacha will be increased by 1.5x until 12/21, and Costume Upgrade from 2* to 3* will be 100% until 12/28.

Other event details will be translated and put into Discord #announcements. Look into #datamine-dump for images regarding Zenith Wings.

Happy Closing!
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