Closers KR: 12/21 Luna Aegis Skill Translation + Minor Details
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1. Luna Aegis Skills

- Skill Translations could be found in the following link.

- There are two formats: Table and Bullet Point Document. Choose whatever is easier for you to read and understand.

- Luna's initial level cap will be 65. She will NOT be able to enter PVP until next week.

2. Other Updates

- Force Cancel's cooldown in UNION Arena has been reduced from 30 seconds to 22 seconds.
 -In trade, CD decrease per level has been reduced from -1 seconds to -0.5 seconds. (On all characters, global cooldown for Force Cancel should now be 20 seconds -> 17.5 seconds.)

- Yuri will no longer be grab-able while using Shift in PVP.

- New area: Reverse Wheel has been added.
 -Following areas for the 2nd Squad of Team WildHuter is not available for Black Lamb/Wolf Dogs/1st Squad(Wolfgang).
 -Hence, Luna will not be able to party up with other members in these dungeons, and vice versa.
 -(You can perfectly match up with other people fine in shared areas- but just not so in un-shared story areas.)

- Gremory's Dimensional Box has been added. (Check Discord for details on what it does)

- As for other Costume and Event Details, please check them out at #announcements in our Discord!
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