Closers KR launcher problem
Hello, just went and downloaded Closers, i then proceed to open it by the website and it starts patching, and once it hits 99-100% this shows up

(i do have the file mentionned though its size is abdsurdly lower than the others)
anyone got any clues on this please D: ?

VPN is mudfish

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I'm having the same problem.
pls halp

I solved it!
Take ownership and get full read/write access to the Closers folder, subfolders and files.

Quote:1. In Windows Explorer, open the file or folder’s Properties dialog box by right-clicking the file or folder and then clicking Properties.
2. On the Security tab, click Advanced to display the Advanced Security Settings dialog box.
3. On the Owner tab, click Edit.This opens the Advanced Security Settings dialog box for editing.
4. In the Change Owner To list, select the new owner.If you’re taking ownership of a folder, you can take ownership of all subfolders and files within the folder by selecting the Replace Owner On Subcontainers And Objects option.
5. Click OK twice when you have finished.
[Image: Aiip38z.png]

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