Closers Online 12/27/14 Costumes, Hairstyles & Weapons [Seha, Seulbi & Yuri]
Just pictures of the available costumes & hairs at this time.  Also it was just quick thrown together work x.x

Seha Lee
[Image: 1zvao8h.jpg]

Seulbi Lee
[Image: 15p3d46.jpg]

[Image: 2mcazpg.jpg]

Seha Lee's Hairstyles
[Image: 3r1jb.png]

Seulbi Lee's Hairstyles
[Image: j9ade1.png]

Yuri's Hairstyles
[Image: 35cllsn.png]

Seha Lee's Weapons
[Image: f5gxs.png]

Seulbi Lee's Weapons
[Image: 2z3ruxv.png]

Yuri's Weapons
[Image: nco0p2.png]
That pink dress for Seulbi

me want
Yuri looks niec is some of them.
Seulbi looks like a lil' grill
Y0L0 SW3G!!!1!!!
Damn it, I reached the loading limit on my account. :c
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this is wonderful! i especially like seulbi's hairs, the ones that fall down her shoulders and contrast with her eyes!
[Image: apPbg0f.gif]
Is it just me, or are a lot of these hairstyles... unappealing?

Maybe it's just Seha's...
[Image: Baron.gif]
Front Paged, for the time being. Thanks for the costumes.
Do not send me private messages regarding game help.
I wish Seha had long hair options...
[Image: Baron.gif]
(12-28-2014, 05:30 AM)Baron InfraDecern Wrote: I wish Seha had long hair options...

I am sure they will release some as the game opens up more. These are just starter looks much like Elswords starter looks were so basic.
I expect one of Seulbi's costumes to be like an assassin, who has a cloak with knifes in the end.
[Image: RoiuoX5.png]

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