Closers Player Talkmeet - Updates in next 100 days
100 day anniversary Talkmeet was a place where users and developers got to meet and talk together. They looked over what happened last 100 days and what's in store for upcoming 100 days. 5 year plan ver.Naddic

-Info from Official Post-

1. Trade system changes
-Personal Trade restrictions will be removed.
But since the system can be abused just like before, they're working on system to restrict amount of trade.
-Black market average prices revamped.
Buy stacked(multiple) items by selected amount
Looking into other issues with Black market as well.

2. Implementing Player Suggestions
-Cash shop revamp
Union Medal system will be removed. Some cash item prices will be lowered. How much lower differs per item.

'Union Elite training course' will be changed so it works for all characters in account. Bitna's (Laundry Machine lotto) system will be revamped so better items are obtainable.

-Character Balances
4/23: Yuri Revamp
5/?? Seha and J balancing

Not just stat adjustments. They are revamped according to their concept and how they are controlled.

-Ingame Item balances
Buffing items that weren't being used (Some weapon cores, Set effects)
Skill Cubes revamped so they have more variety. So players can have more differing playstyles.

-All SP that was sold during initial release will all be retracted
-More 1:1 ticket Support and hacking restoration support

3. New Contents

-Circle system expansion(More features)
Circle base
Circle competition
Circle dungeons
Circle battles
[Image: a0232041a23a65f900adea59292cfb98.png]
Office/Dorm/Training room
Circle Mascots

-PVP Mode revamp
1v1 mode will be added
Enhanced PvP rewards

-Achievements, Title, My room decoration system
More collection contents.

-Season 2: New Team 'Wolfdog'
Vulture's Mercenaries.
New Area, NPC focused Side stories.
Nata released first as everyone expected. Other female character will follow after.

[Image: e6.jpg]
Army Base/Local Apartment

[Image: UmHcoBd.png]
I just saw the talkmeet post. New character, new team and new area.... who's going to work on all of these? Who? Me?
-Otsen, Closers Story writer


-More Info collected from stream-

-Plane Gate: Endgame area
[Image: tQERjfQ.jpg]
Repeatable content
More stat increase, Gain additional SP
For both Light and Hard users
Preemptive strike on Dimensionals in their dimension.
on April ~ May

-Season 2 areas. Story Area
[Image: so83YBR.jpg]
International Airport

[Image: XGSp9Zs.jpg]
Season 2 more about conflicts against humans

-Side story areas
[Image: tRFKNdR.jpg]
[Image: CwTRQIT.jpg]
Story focused on certain NPC.
Can play as NPC at certain points.
Can obtain that NPC as your supporter NPC after clearing Side story.

Supporter NPC system
[Image: fZkCZnl.jpg]
-NPC Helps in dungeons during solo plays
-NPC Helps temporarily in party play

-Vultures Team - Wolfdog
[Image: c2ffe610550a2bc315ffdd01285929d4.png]
Nata(Male) (Seha's Rival(?)) Nata released around June~July

[Image: QvbcO0Q.png]
Levia(or Revia)(Female) 2nd Wolfdog team mercenary character
[Image: kfuie8T.png]

[Image: FxAnSQz.jpg]
Story quest rewatch,rehear,replay system

Circle base
Circle system - base mascot, decoration. + buffs to afk people
Circle ranking, dungeon...etc. Aiming towards enhancing community system

Skill Cube system revamp
Skill usage revamp
Collection contents
Achievements/Titles/Myroom collection systems
Personal Trades will reopen
Revamp average price system
Other economy stuff changes will be black market focused
Yuri, J, Seha revamps
Yuri revamp changes alot
Seha- Buff area dmg, Nerf 1v1 single target dmg
Union medal system deleted. Cash item prices adjusted
3 line map deleted in AOS PVP, major revamp that changes it to 1 line.
1:1 PVP feature
Wedding Costume
Swimsuit Costume (Summer: Devs said they put their heart and souls into this one)
[Image: hDFkpkH.gif]
(04-19-2015, 04:14 AM)2nafish Wrote: Seha- Nerf 1v1 dmg
Seha- Nerf 1v1 dmg
Seha- Nerf 1v1 dmg
Seha- Nerf 1v1 dmg
Seha- Nerf 1v1 dmg
Seha- Nerf 1v1 dmg


(04-19-2015, 04:14 AM)2nafish Wrote: [Image: QvbcO0Q.png]
Levia(or Revia)(Female) 2nd Wolfdog team mercenary character

[Image: WyY2kGE.jpg]
Seha: lvl 62 Misteltein:62 Seulbi:44 Yuri:50 J:62 Nata: 58 Revia:59 Harpy:48

p/s: they also good at hyping their players up.
Just when i thought i got trolled by the april fool nata shadow after sealing my gears.

[Image: giphy.gif]

*flip everyone's table*
ok, I don't mean to swear on a forum Im supposed to moderate instead but

holy **** NADDIC DOES A LOT OF WORK, WHY ARE THEY DOING SO MUCH WORK. THE NEXT 100 DAYS OF CLOSERS IS BASICALLY GOING TO DOUBLE THEIR CONTENT. To be honest though, I feel like half this content was mostly done, then taken out upon release. Because unlike most MMOs they're actually releasing new CONTENT, not rehashed current content, NEW CONTENT, WITH NEW SYSTEMS.

I really hope the union medal system is replaced with something actually helpful. I honestly have no issue with just no system, but we still need at least some basic cotumes in-game. Keeping all customization cash shop is just bull. Just do that AND YOU'VE WON ME OVER NADDIC.
[Image: kore-wa-zombie-desu-ka-of-the-dead-04-3.jpg]
If I don't do it....nobody else will.
[Image: e8a2d0eee420588d1aa4080532c2c765.gif]
A female scythe user with apparent horns?

Hey KOG, remember when you gave us one of those as a boss and we asked for her to be playable, but you killed her off and gave us a ****ing loli demon instead? Well, it seems like Naddic remembers.....

As for helper NPCs, I sure hope they improve their AI. Because they're pretty damn dumb as is. ("Jeongmi? What the hell are you doing?! You can't attack! Get back here! No, don't run into the pollen swirl! JEONGMI!")

Either way, I think we can put all the "dead game" fears to rest. Naddic had a clear plan all along but just couldn't implement it fast enough given the usual new game issues.

.....I just hope they reduce the EXP tables and add Stamina loopholes now that there's going to be seven characters (In a game that's not even a year old. Hope they don't go overboard, granted it is easier to add characters in a PVE centric game.) and lots more content to do on them. (I'm sure they're aware of how sick everyone is of fighting Astaroth hundreds of times per character just to get through 45-48.)
If this turn out to be you can choose which side to play on, and have a war i will poor my cash into this game again. gotta win dah war
That'd make for an interesting PVP mode. But then they'd have to try to balance the two sides. And that's where things start to get tricky.....

I mean, so far it seems like they can't even balance out the Black Lambs. (Have you accepted Misteltein as your Lord and Savior yet?)

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