Closers Player Talkmeet - Updates in next 100 days
(04-27-2015, 11:18 PM)BenNguyen Wrote: p/s: ATTENTION ALL SHIPPERS! Do not derail post or i will send the twins to ur house with UPS

this means the only ship we can talk about is nataseha (or other nata-inclusive ships) because it has nata in it and nata is the upcoming update

yaoi shippers win again ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
we still need:
Quote:Collection contents

Achievements/Titles/Myroom collection systems
1:1 pvp
Circle ranking, dungeon...etc. Aiming towards enhancing community system
-NPC Helps in dungeons during solo plays

-NPC Helps temporarily in party play
Story focused on certain NPC.

Can play as NPC at certain points.

Can obtain that NPC as your supporter NPC after clearing Side story.

-Circle system expansion(More features)

Circle base

Circle competition

Circle dungeons

Circle battles
Alright, when are those 100 day going to end? since this is their update schedule for the next 100day since 100day aka 100th~200th day ouo'

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