Closers Update Helper(Outdated)
Can you do it with VPN? Would still be of great help even if theres IP block.
Hi, when new updated comes, do I replace the file? Or keep both files?
Is this still working? It's giving me a "connection problem, contact your ISP". Not blocked by firewall or anything.

On another note, if this is outdated and Gintoki's lost interest in the game, I'm interested in attempting to help update it.

EDIT: thread/helper software is outdated, use this instead if you need to patch from before 6/11:

From there, just patch a few MBs and you're done. (Thanks to Person for pointing it out)
Can you do a new one with the new client now? It just too slow to patch the game now, in my case, I get 0,04 of speed when I patch. It's so frustrating.
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