Closers is killing my diplay driver
I can usually play Closers for a bit with no problems, but after a while this randomly happens. I've tried a couple of things but I don't really know what to do :I

[Image: 3Nt0fXK.png]

If you didn't make any change to your GPU driver, it is high likely that its getting old/buggy D:

Unless some other software is messing with it or you changed the quality settings.
I.. might have changed the quality settings to what I think would help it run better. But that was after the first couple of crashes.

I'm pretty sure I have everything in Closers on the lowest settings possible too.

FFXIV and some other games run perfect on max settings. No crashes or frame drops or anything. Not that Closers had any frame drops either, it just.. decides to crash for no reason.
as i know AMD might have driver glitches, but it could be that closers client fk with u. I have my display driver stop working times to times, but that is on window and it's only happened a few times for me. So my suggestion is restart your computer, if you use a laptop u might want to place it on a desk(to get a good air flow to your laptop) while playing to prevent thermal throttling.

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