Closers weekly rankings topic.
Week 49:

Gamemeca: Hey Naddic, maybe it's time to officially announce Harpy.
Gamenote: #93

The return of PVP resulted in the return of Closers on a list.
Week 50:

Gamemeca: Maybe it's been at #51 all this time. Eh? Eh?!
Gamenote: #95
Week 51:

Gamemeca: Maybe next week?
Gamenote: #99
Week 52:

Gamemeca: HARPY HYPE!..... Nope.
Gamenote: #83
Week 53:

Gamemeca: #39
Gamenote: #89

THERE'S the Harpy hype!
Don't mind the weekly rankings too much. Most people probably don't pay attention to the event and release schedule. I would only look at the long term data on gamenote. 

By the way does gamemeca show long term data?
Week 54:

Gamemeca: #45
Gamenote: #89

No idea if Gamemeca has longterm data.
Week 55:

Gamemeca: #43
Gamenote: #89
Week 56:

Gamemeca: #40
Gamenote: #89
PC buff working in PVP definitely get them PC rankings high Wink

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